Der Ather Existiert !!

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Der Ather Existiert !!

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Vorschlag für Neu Michelson-Morley Experiment

Allow me to write in English please.

- foundation -
Light waves are coming from just above. Waves are horizontal because these come from a far star. A triangular prism (set like pyramid) is moving to the right (or to the left). Frequency of two lights that entered both (right and left) slopes of prism, and left prism may not be equal. It may be caused by difference of light speed to both slopes.

- outline of experiment -
By change of the direction of prism (on the earth's surface), it may be able to examine, whether above effect exists or not (by interference of lights, like Michelson-Morley experiment. Star light must be direct to prism). By this experiment (and if above effect exist), motion of the earth against aether may be detectable easily.